• Wendy posted an update 6 months, 1 week ago

    Hi all,
    News from WA:
    Our Connect with Home for Women Group, which formed directly after the launch of the Ageing on the Edge Report in late 2019 has been very active.
    We are continuing to meet fortnightly for peer support and on the look out for affordable housing opportunities.
    A flyer is being designed to be placed in libraries, shopping centres etc. We have been in the media, newspaper and radio. One newspaper article about us had another article beside it about the 145 vacant social housing in the jurisdiction where we meet!
    Several of our members are prepared to talk to community groups about the affordable housing issue and share their stories. One has shared how, since being housed recently, her mental health has improved to the extent that she is able to address other areas of her life, since neglected.
    We have written to the new Minister for Housing requesting a meeting with the intention of sharing our stories and asking him about his government’s strategy to address the problem.
    We are supporting the WA Shelter Campaign “Unlock Housing” by putting up their posters.
    We are investigating funding to “ramp up” the work./

    • Great update and such encouraging outcomes from this initiative. What do we need to do to get the government to fund this service? You’ve proven that the approach works.