• Looking foreward to the AT RiSK Forum. There are so many questions for the politicians who hold the nation’s purse strings,both Federal and State Government people. If I could, I would ask all of them WHY they can’t acknowledge that so many women nationally are at risk of homelessness after a lifetime of compromise and just ‘managing’ who really…[Read more]

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    I am here again,and that’s new! Languishing at home due to lockdown AGAIN …but looking forward to the HAAG General meeting 11 am Wednesday 19/08/21 – just next week. I hope everyone participates that day. Stay safe & sane.

    • Hi Phyll good to see you’ve hacked into the site again!

      See you Wednesday yeah!

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    • Hi Phyll, Welcome. Great to have you here. It would also be great if you could comment or add to the forum discussions if you have a chance. Cheers, Kobi

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