• The risk of homelesness is a daily threat for many Australian females of a senior age. Only by agitating at MPs of every party can we hope to raise their consciousness to the heart wrenching problem before it is too late.  Use your voice in the upcoming election time to let them know how desperate it is for too many older persons. If they want…[Read more]

  • 0n the opening statement under the headng FORUMS I’d like to see the word housing moved so that it would read ‘…for housing older person’s …’ instead of ‘…older person’s housing..’ I really don’t have to explain why, do I?

  • Looking foreward to the AT RiSK Forum. There are so many questions for the politicians who hold the nation’s purse strings,both Federal and State Government people. If I could, I would ask all of them WHY they can’t acknowledge that so many women nationally are at risk of homelessness after a lifetime of compromise and just ‘managing’ who really…[Read more]

  • I am here again,and that’s new! Languishing at home due to lockdown AGAIN …but looking forward to the HAAG General meeting 11 am Wednesday 19/08/21 – just next week. I hope everyone participates that day. Stay safe & sane.

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    • Hi Phyll, Welcome. Great to have you here. It would also be great if you could comment or add to the forum discussions if you have a chance. Cheers, Kobi

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