• Marie Sillars posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

    On September 2nd I have been invited to attend the REDWatch Meeting with the Tenants of Waterloo Public Housing Estate that is currently being sold off and I have been invited to talk to them about Community Housing, the differences and what they can expect. These people are being moved out of the Estate and have put up an incredible fight to stay and this battle has been going on for years now. The have a wonderful Community over there and it is sad to see them being separated from their Neighbours & Friends. I look forward to seeing them as I have come to know quite a few of them over the years and the Tenant Union will also be there at the Meeting. I will be as positive as I can, but I have seen some real problems when CHPs take over, its a totally different way of life basically and it will be difficult for those Tenants who are used to being amongst their Community and relying on each other. One thing this Virus has taught me is that you cannot rely on CHPs to step forward and assist their Tenants, for us here in Sydney, this has not happened, only a few chosen Tenants seem to get assistance. I hope things improve but will not be banking on it to be honest!