• Marie Sillars posted an update 1 year ago

    2022 is shaping up already to be difficult here in NSW, we are in “let it rip” mode which has put vulnerable Seniors in a difficult space! So hard to get tested for COVID in my area, NO RAT tests available anywhere, supermarket shelves are empty & local Chemist has NO Panadol on the shelves. I have been put into lockdown by my Drs and happy to stay that way for now. I wonder how vulnerable Seniors who are alone are doing, I wonder what happens to people who do not use Technology and Im trying to keep an eye on the Seniors around me (from a distance) to see if they need assistance. I dread to think how the Seniors are who are homeless or couch surfing etc. are managing and of course our little ones are being put into danger as they return to School (Vaccinations start today for the 5-12s but Drs are worried that they wont have enough or be able to get them all vaccinated in time) living in NSW right now is not a safe decision! Take care all