• Marie Sillars posted an update 1 year, 9 months ago

    Have tried to help a local Family who are in “Head Leasing” and they are having to move by July 1st, they have limited English & FCJ worker seems unwilling to help them, they are scared and after coming from Afghanistan they are terrified of Govt Officials. I saw a thread on Twitter where Minister Gareth Ward was reacting to messages from my Community Housing Provider so I put the details of the terror that these people are going through and requested his help. It seems that Minister Ward reacts to Twitter comments! Last Friday my Neighbour Assan told me that the Minister had called his Caseworker at DCJ and demanded that she organise to get this Family housed ASAP (he was scared in case the Govt “came after me”) I laughed and told him that this is a Badge of Honour in my world and they will be safe. I have advised him to wait a couple of days and if there has been no contact that I will Twitter the Minister again and Im now confident that if he reads these comments I should start on Twitter about Senior Housing and bringing down the age of people to get emergency housing, I love Social Media!