• Hi all
    My news is that I am about to start volunteer position with a local community service. Amongst other personal support work I hope to help with public housing applications. The rental crisis up here seemed to have worsened during the last few months. A lot of desperate people seeking rentals on Facebook because it’s not worth even trying l…[Read more]

    • Thanks for your report Frances. You have a gift for getting to the nub of the issue with evidence and stats. I hadn’t heard the term “slum land lord” before!

  • Forums are for chatting, right? But we need more than just chatter, more talking, and endless reports. We are here to be taking action.

    Its hard to know what to do sometimes though. Start a petition? March on parliament? Write a submission?

    Or do we have other ideas? If you get an idea, no matter how crazy it sounds, write it down here and lets…[Read more]