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  • There are so many current and increasingly worring issues that could be reduced/ even solved if the Australian States/ Territories and Federal Governments were to agree to legalise Tiny Homes. With increasing climate change we are losing our homes to floods and fires. And insurance companies will no longer insure so we can rebuild (thats if there…[Read more]

  • nolink sent to me either. Thank heavens Im not the only one


  • hi how do I get on zoom please

  • Hi Alex. Public housing is owned and managed by state and territory governments while community housing is housing that is either owned or managed by not-for-profit community sector organisations. ( aph.gov.au.) The federal government will just bat it back to state- as they have done with so many other issues. Get more response by making it a…[Read more]

  • Diane Roberts started the topic in the forum 2 years, 3 months ago

    There are several issues which have led to the ever increasing homelessness and lack of available affordable housing for older people. All can be addressed but it needs the removal of several intrinsic practices currently blocking the system.

    1. Cost of housing- renting. The word ‘affordable’ does not mean affordable to someone on Newstart or a…

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  • Diane Roberts started the topic in the forum 2 years, 3 months ago

    I was born in the 1950s. Lucky me- not. The Pension age used to be 60 when I was a girl, but when it got nearer to my pension – the Government moved the goal post. I will be 67 before I get my pension now. Like many of my era, I did not have equality of pay, I was expected to look after the family at home, I was not given the opportunities men…[Read more]

  • hi Ruben

    A friend and I began sharing a house 3 years ago. We were not sure what to expect as we are both independent women who were used to renting alone. But it was too expensive to do that anymore. We found setting out our ‘must haves’ and ‘prefer’ before looking at houses gave us a clear idea of each other and what would make it work. For…[Read more]

    • Sounds like a perfect set up. Friends of mine have a second house on their large semi rural property which is suitable for that type of shared living.
      There are building companies that modify homes for this type of living. There should be more of it!