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      The Victorian Government has committed 5.3 billion dollars to a so called ‘Big Housing Build’. Its a really welcome investment, however all of the money is going towards ‘affordable’ housing through inclusionary zoning, and to Community Housing.

      A Centre for Urban Research report estimated that if this $5.3 billion dollars was spent on a direct capital building grant for public housing on public land, it would deliver 20,000 public housing units. Rather than direct cash hand outs to private developers and ‘inclusionary zoning’, building public housing could deliver a better outcome for less taxpayer dollars. Public Housing is also often a better solution for older tenants.

      What would it take to convince governments that there is still an important role for new Public Housing, and that they must invest in it?

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      In addition to submissions on the 10 year Social and Affordable Housing Strategy, the Vic government is now seeking input on Social Housing Regulation.  There will be a round of consultations.  More info can be found here: Social Housing Regulation Review | Engage Victoria

      HAAG will be preparing a submission so please let us know if you have any thoughts.

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