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      Diane Roberts

      There are so many current and increasingly worring issues that could be reduced/ even solved if the Australian States/ Territories and Federal Governments were to agree to legalise Tiny Homes. With increasing climate change we are losing our homes to floods and fires. And insurance companies will no longer insure so we can rebuild (thats if there werent to many builders closing down). If we could legally have a Tiny Home as a permanent residence, we could move out of the way of severe weather with our Tiny Home and return with our home and contents still intact, instead of having to live in tents and wait for financial help- if it ever comes. Any Tiny Homes are far more sustainable and eco-friendly.

      For older people, if the Government allowed us to rentΒ  aΒ  fenced in site,Β  on a government run tiny home park estaste, just think how many of us could be safely housed! And we could chose it as permanent or move as we needed.

      If there were these tiny home parks in every state, even young people (who now need to move for jobs regularly) could simply move their home where it was needed.

      I think in this one thing,Β  American has it right for once! They have many Tiny Home Parks. Though I think we could do it better and would not want all the useless stuff in them they do. And for those who are groaning and shaking their heads that Tiny Homes are not for them- ANY permanent home that is yours and you are able to chose and create is a good home. Size should never be the issue. Look where wanting ‘bigger and better’ has got us.

      This could solve so many issues around homelessness and overpriced/ poor standard rentals. Rentals where only those with good income can afford, which leaves the low income struggling to even get a rental now.

      Id have a tiny home in a heartbeat- just for the security and self worth, if there were government parking estates to rent cheaply.

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      The idea of purchasing/leasing a tiny home specifically for older aged persons (let alone for women) would be a dream, subject to nearby shopping/medical services. Problem: Federal/State legislation to tinyhouse living in Australia is nonexistent if not, a very grey area. State/Territory have different ideas on this matter. There are no places to park your fixed or wheeled home (unless on private property).
      Should the flood gates open to the public, it would be on a first come, first served basis, due to existing housing issues to date. Then the likelihood would be in a controlled environment such as a campground/caravan park. Are there even enough campgrounds (or likewise) for tiny homes, e.g. in VIC, or have the develops got their digs in already?
      Lift housing regulations on existing caravan rental space and rental units across the board for long term stay, specifically for older aged persons yet, still remain open to the public.


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