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      Marie Sillars

      Here in NSW nearly all of the Public Housing is being handed over to Community Housing and there have been some problems with this. CH is quite different from PH (I have lived in both). Quite a lot of the Tenants here where I live were handed over with very little information and people were totally confused when the changeover happened. The Commonwealth Rent Assistance started all kinds of problems and many Tenants received Termination Notices (including a Family Member who was in a Coma in Hospital). Many of these Tenants are still paying off the debt 2 years later! So beware when being handed over, the CRA causes difficulties.

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      That’s rough!

      In Victoria, a similar thing is happeningΒ  – public housing “redevelopments” which actually means knocking over public housing, and building new housing that will be a mixture of community housing and “affordable” housing.Β  Its not clear how much will remain as public housing, but the Govt stated policy is to grow the community housing sector (and not the public housing sector). Hopefully tenants will be given clear information about this – they have said that the rent will be calculated at the same rates as public housing (not sure if that will include CRA)

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