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      Marie Sillars

      Yesterday 18/02/22 my Brother in Law passed away aged 65. He had been very ill with lung issues & spinal problems for a few years and lived in a little cabin in a Caravan Park on the Central Coast. I had been battling with PH as he had been on the List for many years and living in this hot/cold place with no phone signal was basically leaving him at risk. I had contacted MPs, PH, local Community Housing and just never moved forward to assist him. The Social Worker at the Hospital tried as well. He was alone and I think he just gave up. In NSW you have to be over 80 to gain Priority Housing so at 65 he really did not stand a chance! Its time NSW to step up and assist Seniors who are in desperate situations, this rule has to be changed as soon as possible, we need more Senior Housing & this kind of situation makes you realise just how badly our Seniors are being treated in general. We are bottom of the list in all regards and this needs to stop.

      Seniors are “Walking Encyclopedia” we have life experience to share, we are human beings who have life experience and love to give, appropriate Senior Housing is a basic Human Right to enable us to live out our remaining lives in peace, security & independence. RIP Alan

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