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      Older Tenants

      Crisis oriented Family and Domestic Violence funding overlooks women’s longer-term housing needs. Yet we know that housing is fundamental to women’s safety. So many older women have experienced violence or abuse and many now face homelessness. The solutions are well known and documented. What actions will make a difference?

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      I was very interested to hear about QShelter’s work in this space.

      Here is a link to Q Shelter’s suite of tools and resources related to DFV, including the intersections of community/social housing and private rental tenancies.


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      Women are always at the bottom of the pile.  I have experienced Domestic Violence over many decades, on and off.  We need Women’s Villages, where Older Women can age in place.

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      We loose out so much financially.  Care giving needs are so great once you become a Sole Parent, that working fulltime is impossible.  Limited income, and limited choices, leave Women who have experienced the fallout of Domestic Violence and are Mothers, makes it very very very difficult to buy a house, or even afford rentals.  It is Not Ok, that we are left behind, without the resources we need, to thrive.


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      Philippa Cane

      I have met many women who have been allocated Public Housing where they still feel unsafe and are definitely very vulnerable due to issues and challenges that other residents are living with (MH, AoD, aggressive and threatening behaviours)

      I love the idea of a Women’s Village, I don’t think it will eliminate all the challenges. But it might be one of the suite of solutions worth exploring?

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      Libby Blake

      I work with older women experiencing family violence and elder abuse.  A huge gap in the system is practical support in sourcing new accommodation.  For example, an older woman who doesn’t have internet or a car – how can she look for a private rental? What is she is from a CALD background and the whole process is unknown to her?  If she needs support in completing the rental applications….crisis services do not offer this.  I’ve witnessed older women having to use their home care package hours to meet this need (i.e have a worker drive them to look at rentals).  So what is the result?  It is just easier on so many different levels to stay in current accommodation…this is a significant barrier.

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        missy b b

        Thank u Libby but needs to b in country Vic where I am and not a private rental I just can’t do I shouldn’t have to move because bullys r getting away with it,well done on offering this service though .


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        Dominique Horne

        Hi missy b b

        The service Libby is referring is Respecting Elders Service – Elder Abuse Prevention and Response Service at Better Place Australia and we provide support across Melbourne and in Barwon Region and Inner Gippsland Regions. PLease feel free to  call us at  1800 214 117 or email respectingelders@betterplace.com.au.


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      rosemary morris

      I remain concerned that even though I have been navigating the maize of horrors in order to get assistance with my homelessness concerns – PLEASE let us find a PRACTICAL STRATEGY  Moving Forward to reduce the risk of Homelessness


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      rosemary morris

      I and the poeple that I am trying to help have been getting bumped around by Government Departmens and Government funded organisations that offer all of the help in the world…….BUT at the end of the day nothing…..this is bordering on CORRUPTION …they are taking tax payers money and doing nothing


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      rosemary morris

      What can we ACTUALLY do to get something done ??

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      rosemary morris

      CRITICAL – a service that links at risk women with affordable housing without RED TAPE !!

      Practical change – is establishing this group who can provide functional access to housing


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