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      Marie Sillars

      The time is fast approaching for this Inquiry to get under way and I have put in a Submission.

      Dini, Greta & I have really tried to highlight this Inquiry and it will be a very interesting time as facts come to light. This Inquiry was instigated by the NSW Greens and I am very impressed with the way that they fought for this. In 2014 I was on a Committee with Sophie Cotsis in the Inquiry into Public, Social & Affordable Housing. I attended every day and it was quite clear that big changes were on the way (some not very good) but for me, it was a time of learning and understanding the serious issues that face vulnerable people here in NSW (things are much much worse today) and I wonder if Politicians learned anything at all in those long emotional days. Since then, Millers Point, Ivanhoe Estate & now Waterloo (Glebe is on the new list as well). As these Tenants are moved away (between 2-3 thousand in Waterloo) they go on to High Priority and so all the people on the waiting list go down, so the list is getting longer and more urgent. Community Housing Providers are not building enough properties and Public Housing is disappearing fast!

      I have joined “Action for Public Housing”  and they are calling for Public Housing to be reinstated as it is very badly needed & I think that Public Housing & Community Housing should be expanded as soon as possible.

      We have a battle ahead in NSW!

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