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      Marie Sillars

      I managed to attend a couple of days virtually and found lots of interesting stuff. Some of it went over my head (I am not well educated) but all in all I really enjoyed it. I was fascinated by the overseas people explaining how they do things in their Countries, Japan, Holland, Austria (Vienna) & USA – I honestly felt like moving to Vienna to be honest 🙂 they have 50% of their population in Social Housing (no stigma, no judgement) and it was simply amazing to learn this. Japan were way ahead too and rebuilding after natural disasters etc when looking at our Country lack of housing IS a natural disaster and being ignored by one Govt after the other.

      Navigating around the conference virtually was a little complicated and whilst I am not afraid of technology it was a little exhausting and I almost needed a “bex & a good lie down” at times. There were some amazing Speakers and one who stood out was Heather Holst (Commissioner for Residential Tenancies) and my first thought was that I would love to have this lady on my side in an emergency, Rebecca Pinkstone from Bridge Housing was also a good speaker (she is a really good person). So much information and I hope for all Im worth that this was NOT another talk fest and that action will be taken to house vulnerable people who need stability in their lives….I live in hope!

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      Annaa Erin

      Educating yourself on such topic is so mandatory now..

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