Inquiry Into Homelessness In Over 55s in NSW

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      Marie Sillars

      On Tuesday 19th July I appeared before the Inquiry here in Parramatta. I was honoured to be asked to give evidence but it was quite intense but the Secretariat & Committee made it an easy process. I asked for 3 things:

      1  Change the age of Priority Senior Housing in NSW from 80 plus to over 55 plus

      2  Building purpose built Senior Housing where we can feel safe & secure. We Seniors give a lot to our Communities if we are happy and have a purpose in life

      3  I asked for a Senior Service similar to HAAG Vic Home at Last. The Service we have here is Link to Home, Im sure they try their best but I have seen some terrible actions by them and this needs to change, especially for vulnerable Seniors.

      They listened and asked questions (The Lib Members did not ask me anything) but Rev Fred Nile asked many questions and opened the way for me to speak about Public Housing being sold off in NSW. The 2 Labor Members were great too and asked questions, also the Nats Member. The Greens Member Abigail had left as she was not feeling well.

      My Submission is Public on the NSW Govt Website and my Testimony will be available on the NSW Govt You Tube Channel in a week or so.

      They were extremely careful as I am imnio compromised and all had to test before opening the Inquiry at Parramatta. Sorry this is a long post, I realise I talk a lot but in the end I have a lot to say! Feel free to contact me if you want any other details, have a great day everyone

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