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      Forums are for chatting, right? But we need more than just chatter, more talking, and endless reports. We are here to be taking action.

      Its hard to know what to do sometimes though. Start a petition? March on parliament? Write a submission?

      Or do we have other ideas? If you get an idea, no matter how crazy it sounds, write it down here and lets make it happen.

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      I have found that making contact with local newspaper journalists and radio show hosts a good way to alert the public to the issues.

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        Wendy, what’s your approach? Do you go to the journalist with a story of lived experience / a compelling situation??

        I have found local papers are often looking for content and it can be helpful if you provide them (in addition to compelling story) with dot points, quotes, images etc so they can whip up a quick article. Even better if it can be linked with the bigger picture – elections, campaigns, other news stories.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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