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      Marie Sillars

      Well at last “Its Over” and what a great day this is for Australia & the people have spoken.

      Labor have won but the amount of Greens & Ind should tell them that things have to change urgently and that people will not follow blindly along. Transparency & integrity is the order of the day  and I hope that people also realize that they have the power and should always remember that. Uluru Statement from the Heart has made me very happy, an ICAC that bites hard is a must and HOUSING, HOUSING, HOUSING! Our Prime Minister grew up in Public Housing as did my kids & now my Grandsons (I reminded them yesterday that they can achieve anything, the sky is the limit) so safe secure housing is a must, not only for families but for Seniors as well (we need to live out our lives feeling safe & cared for) so bring it on!

      Having said this, my focus now is on the NSW State Election which we have 12 months to concentrate on and as a Member of the Labor Party I will do all I can to make this happen in NSW. Its raining in Sydney today, but in my World the Sun is shining, have a great Sunday everyone, I know I will!

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      Well said! We can all breath a sigh of relief that the Morrison government has finally met its demise 😮‍💨  Turns out if you care for no-one but yourselves then eventually no-one will care for you.

      Great work everyone in NASH, HOW and HAAG, meeting politicians, spreading the word online, sharing their stories and incredible powerful videos.

      I think you’re right that the voters sent a very strong message to Labor not to keep ignoring affordable housing, we’re getting somewhere so lets not stop now!

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