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      Marie Sillars

      I have been contacting the various “Shelter” people in WA, SA & Tasmania this morning encouraging them to join House on Fire and the NASH Facebook Page. I know we are very keen to get Tasmanian people involved so fingers crossed, as they say!

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      Have you had any success Marie? Is there an “invitation” tab somewhere here? I am connected to Shelter WA on LinkedIn and other groups that I’d like to invite to House on Fire and our Facebook page.

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      Marie Sillars

      Hi Wendy

      I have joined Shelter Pages on Facebook and I just “cut & paste” the Link to House on Fire to them or any Site that may be interested in joining. It comes up like this:

      I have not seen an invitation tab so I just cut & paste and keep putting it up on Facebook & Twitter. I think we will need an official invite tile that we can use so that we can continue to use it to gain the attention of people out there in Internet Land! Have a Happy New Year when it comes, Im pretty much in total lockdown because of the over 6,000 a day cases in NSW


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      Great idea, we could make an ‘invite tile’, what should it say?

      We can also invite people by email – by going to your ‘profile’ in the top menu, then clicking ‘send invites’.


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