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      Marie Sillars

      During the Pandemic things have been a little out of control with CHPs and their Staff working from home. Maintenance is still on hold and Staff seem to be disinterested in Tenants trying to get things fixed. In NSW I thought that people were back to work to “let it rip” so its interesting that this Staff are keeping safe whilst sending some Contractors to our homes (unmasked mostly) so its ok to risk our health I guess!

      Sorry for the rant but this is so annoying, you try to call them and then you get 50 questions from the skeleton staff demanding to know why you want to speak to someone, yet the rent system is ticking over nicely, honestly we need an Ombudsman in NSW to deal with these people. Im on their Tenant Advisory Group, a Tenant Assessor AND a Member of their Company and still cannot get any sense.

Viewing 0 reply threads
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