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      Co-housing sounds so cool. My aunty in Israel really loves living there and being around other people of all ages. But in Australia it seems really uncommon. Its hard to find out more about where you can live in cohousing in Australia? Every time I hear about it, its either a vague future plan, or it really costs just as much as a house.

      What do you think about cohousing? Have you heard about great projects? Do you know of any vacancies? I’m in!

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      Sounds interesting! Can you explain co-housing? Or share a link of an example?

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      @loisknight  *I think* cohousing is supposed to be housing that shares some resources, like living, laundry, kitchen or garden spaces. That would usually make the housing costs more affordable. And they might also share other things like occassional meals and social support.

      Here is an example in Melbourne that seems interesting. It seems like a bigger thing in different forms in Northern Europe and the U.S


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      Hi all, Deekay61 here

      I have just posted(Thurs 04Nov21) in “Local Solutions, my suggestion, idea, that I consider could be Co-housing as well, about selling a share of property under “tenant in common” to build a granny flat.  Also there could be alternative ways to doing all this, as I would not be aware, as I have just started all this process.Back yard to install a home for a person/family

Viewing 3 reply threads

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