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The idea of purchasing/leasing a tiny home specifically for older aged persons (let alone for women) would be a dream, subject to nearby shopping/medical services. Problem: Federal/State legislation to tinyhouse living in Australia is nonexistent if not, a very grey area. State/Territory have different ideas on this matter. There are no places to park your fixed or wheeled home (unless on private property).
Should the flood gates open to the public, it would be on a first come, first served basis, due to existing housing issues to date. Then the likelihood would be in a controlled environment such as a campground/caravan park. Are there even enough campgrounds (or likewise) for tiny homes, e.g. in VIC, or have the develops got their digs in already?
Lift housing regulations on existing caravan rental space and rental units across the board for long term stay, specifically for older aged persons yet, still remain open to the public.