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Marie Sillars

Here is a repeat performance by the NSW State Govt selling off Public Housing and replacing it with very little housing.

The New South Wales government’s $1 billion plan to sell the Waterloo Estate public housing land in central Sydney will deliver fewer than 100 additional “social” homes over the next five years, ultimately doing nothing to relieve pressure on a waiting list that is currently more than 50,000 households long.

A confidential briefing paper to the Perrottet government’s powerful expenditure review committee, obtained by The Saturday Paper, reveals the proposal – which only went on public exhibition on Thursday – has settled on the sale of the high-value inner-city land to developers in return for 3050 new homes, 28 per cent of which will be social. This is less than half of what was initially deemed possible for the project. A further 64 per cent will be ordinary private homes and 8 per cent will be “affordable”.

This is just a small part of the Article. I have been meeting with and talking to Waterloo for years and also was part of the Millers Point selloff whilst dealing with the Estate I lived on IVANHOE ESTATE & battling with LAHC Staff who tore my Community apart. yes, its in the past but I feel that if this Govt does not learn from past mistakes they will continue to ruin people’s lives. My heart is with the Seniors who have lived there for years, it is a lovely Community, close & they look after each other (they have through COVID too) they will be scattered and forced to take places are they well below standard and a lot of them will die when ripped out of their Community!