Reply To: Sell Off of Public Housing NSW 💸

Marie Sillars

There is a Facebook Page that deals with history in my area of Ryde and yesterday they posted photographs from 1987 of the Ivanhoe Estate in Sydney as it was being built. Nick Greiner was there and I was so pleased to see the actual Unit I lived in as it was being built. It highlighted that this Estate was not very old and in very good condition as it was sold, the Minister saying on a News report “It has passed its use by date”. It is something that I did not understand at the time, still don’t and it was such a waste to be honest. Yes there is going to be 3,500 units, mostly private and some Social Housing tucked away in a dark corner but it will never have the thriving Community that we enjoyed at Ivanhoe. I am hoping the Tenants went on to join other Communities but many were heartbroken and I dare say that many of the Seniors are no longer with us 🙁