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Hi all  This is my first post in this forum.

I have been a union member, for over 35 years,  work in the community as a mental health/disability support worker social justice/environmental/industrial/community activist , and have been concerned, been vocal about the shocking housing policies, basically since Howard got in. Our union, the LHMU then, were very vocal with these changes, that we knew, they would just increase inequality, making housing more unaffordable, as the time goes by.

I’m posting in the two areas here on “House on Fire”……Local scale solutions & Co-housing.  Being slightly unsure, which is the most appropriate, or both.

Being sixty one, owning my property here in a Brisbane suburb about 10k from the CBD.

Having a 683m2 good sized yard, that has parking one driveway at the front, and the other on the side.  From the driveway a solid concrete path leads up to the back, and the yard.

My avatar picture shows some of this, with the trees.

As a solution, not just for my future, but also for others, to be able to afford, have a share in a property, at much less prices, than the alternative.  I do live alone in the house, children left some years ago, which makes it pretty quiet, maybe abit of jazz/blues every now and again.  I get out in the yard every now and again, to feed the bird… fauna friends, no pets!

My goal is to sell a share under “tenant in common”…30-40% enabling person to build a granny flat, to have privacy, access to the whole yard, quite area, near mostly everything that members of the community would require.  This is for ownership, to live in, not investment.

I have checked the lands manual, and the Brisbane city council city plan, and this seems all to be feasible.

I am asking here, besides showing my offer, if there are similar situations, that people have offered, in this way, much more so, than just renting out a granny flat, which comes under different legal jurisdictions.

Any other ideas, suggestions will be muchly appreciated