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My first share house was in the mid 80s , I had moved to the city with another gay guy from my hometown in Gippsland. Phil and I got tired of being under threat of poofter bashers , groups of young men who went looking for a fight , we were a soft target , so moving to the big smoke and into a house in Windsor , next door to a lovely gay couple was just heaven . Unfortunately my housemate Phil had a bad habit of bringing People with Bad behaviours into our house , one time due to one of his blow ins I nearly had my nose bitten off in a fight with one of his so called friends . Then another guy who supplied Phil with Dope and Alcohol , sexually forced himself on me , pretending it was a spiritual exersize I was going to learn .
I didn’t have the strength of will to say no , and just let him do to me what he wanted .
Then moths later this horrid individual turned up at my door , threatened violence if I didn’t pass on a message to Phil who owed him money , then he assaulted me , hitting me with his fists and so we fought down the hallway , I fell down under his onslaught, and he then grabbed a brick holding a door open into the hall and struck me repeatedly on my head , each time he hit me there was a flash of bright light in my head and the second time I passed out for a few seconds , when I came too he threatened to come back and kill me if I didn’t pass on the message and left me bleeding in the hall . I was rescued by my best gay friend Noel next door and taken to Hospital.
The police took a statement and when it went to court the perpetrator got off with a good behaviour bond of $2000 because he brought up the fact we had sex in the past . Therefore it’ was perceived as a domestic drama and played down by defence .
I have had beautiful share house experiences since with straight women , lesbians and older gay men . I was devastated when one of my dearest housemates died of HIV related pneumonia in Fairfield Hospital . Larry was the dearest loving soul and I miss him so much . He taught me reiki , crystals and massage